Epigenetic bioregulators


The proof of function is very simple:
Go to doctor for a blood drop test where you can see all the heavy metal pollution under microscope. After that you take HMC and go to doctor again in 14 days for blood drop test and you will find under microscope there is no more heavy metal pollution present.

HMC is a prophylactic complex biosorbent for cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals. Immunomodulator for maintenance and restoration of natural immunity and Antioxidant for protection against free radicals.

HMC basis is a complex of three natural ingredients derived from fungal cell walls through a special method and technology - chitin, glucan and melanin. Each of these ingredients is of great importance for detoxification and in this unique combination their properties combine or multiply into a qualitatively new natural body cleansing complex.
Substances contained in EPI-PV (PREVENTAVIR) are produced fundamentally in the maximum of the available natural biological form for the most effective absorption into the human organism. These substances may enhance your own immunity in a natural way and may work naturally to reduce the toxic burden on the body and may also be able eliminate them. Possibly supports the immune system and possibly strengthens the body's own healing processes and may remove old or damaged cells out from the body. EPI-PV (PREVENTAVIR) can not replace correct medical treatment ordered by a doctor. However, it may help to increase the immune response to the RNA viral load (invasion). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended for the treatment or cure of diseases.
Content: Bubble seaweed helps control body weight, normalizes bowel and thyroid gland activity. Turmeric harmonizes digestion and normalizes liver function. Fennel helps to normalize digestion.
Content: Bear garlic helps cholesterol metabolism, excretion of heavy metals, harmonizes circulatory and intestinal system. Hawthorn helps normal circulatory system activity, has relaxing effects. Meadow clover helps to normalize the heart, harmonizes blood pressure, and helps with menopause.
Contents: Meadowsweet helps to eliminate water from the body, normalizes urinary excretion, harmonizes urinary tract and kidneys, has antiseptic effect. Field horsetail normalizes the function of the urinary system, helps tissue mineralization. Rosehip helps normal bladder and kidney function
Content: Rose hip supports natural defenses and immune system. Meadowsweet helps the normal function of the respiratory system, refreshes the body, has naturally antiseptic properties, promotes relaxation of the organism. Black pepper normalizes the activity of the respiratory and nervous systems, an antioxidant
Contents: Hawthorn normalizes the functions of the nervous and circulatory systems, helps normal heart and blood vessels. Horsetail helps nervous balance, calms down, harmonizes cardiovascular activity, helps calms down. Dog rose acts as an antioxidant.


EPIGENETICS is a rapidly developing area of ​​modern science in recent years. If genetics studies the processes that lead to changes in our genes, in DNA, then epigenetics studies the changes of gene’s activity when the DNA structure remains the same.

English biologist, Nobel laureate Peter Medawar gave the most capacious and accurate definition of epigenetics: “Genetics suggests, but epigenetics has”. Genes are responsible for a particular trait of the body by only 20%. The remaining 80% are lifestyle dependent. It is the lifestyle that affects whether or not a particular sign appears or not.

An epigenome is a set of molecular labels that regulate gene activity but do not alter the primary structure of DNA. They affect the implementation of traits that are encoded by certain genes, turning certain genes on or off. Depending on the environment and bad habits, “bad” genes can turn on and “good” ones turn off.

Each EPI supplement has its own set of peptide-protein epigenetic markers that alter gene expression but do not alter the specificity of the DNA matrix itself. These regulatory proteins that simultaneously control the activity of a large number of genes can be used in various combinations. Such combination epigenetic regulation can also provide differentiated development of various body cells due to the interaction of only a relatively small number of key regulatory proteins!

This process is called EPI coding. EPI coding can reprogram cells or change their phenotype and activate other mechanisms of changing gene expression without affecting the DNA sequence. This allows you to normalize the work of individual organs or systems or "turning on" the body's ability to restore the functions of a particular organ or organ system to a physiological norm.

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