HMC - antioxidant & biosorbent 30g

HMC - antioxidant & biosorbent 30g

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EPI-HV immune response to HV (herpes virus) Super peptide - 100 Veg Capsules

EPI-HV immune response to HV (herpes virus) Super peptide - 100 Veg Capsules

HMC - antioxidant & biosorbent 30g

HMC is a comprehensive preventive biosorbent for cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals. Immunomodulator to maintain and restore natural immunity and antioxidant to protect against free radicals.
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HMC contains chitin, which is structured in the form of the finest microfibrils (thin fibers) in the cell walls of the fungus and forms a spatial network with a large specific surface area. In 1 gram of HMC, the surface area of ​​chitinal microfibrils can reach 1000 m2, which explains the unique sorption capacity of chitin used in HMC.

Chitin is a biosorbent with a broad but selective effect. This is a natural biopolymer that contains nitrogen atoms in its molecule and has a unique sorption ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals. However, it does not remove the main biologically active elements and trace elements and does not affect mineral metabolism. It is these unique properties of chitin that explain the effectiveness of using the HMC drug.

HMC contains beta-glucans - one of the most powerful natural substances that correct human immunity. The anticancer properties of mushrooms are due to glucans and biopolymers, which are important components of the cell walls of mushrooms.

HMC contains a strong antioxidant melanin, which is a very effective biological protection of cells from adverse external and internal influences. Due to the presence of a large number of paramagnetic centers in its molecules, melanin can neutralize free radicals that arise in a living cell under the influence of radiation, various toxins and enzymes of pathogenic bacteria. Unlike animal melanin, mushroom melanin does not cause side effects. It is partially absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and transmitted through the blood throughout the body, thereby protecting cells from the destructive effects of free radicals.


HMC cleanses the blood of harmful substances, helps restore the liver and bile ducts and reduces the burden on weakened organs. Liver dysfunction is known to be the cause of many skin diseases and allergic reactions. HMC reduces the body's sensitivity to all allergens, inhibits drug toxicity and helps restore the function of a deeply damaged liver. Harmful exposure to heavy metals can bind important cellular components such as structural proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids and impair their function.


  • as a prophylactic agent for cleansing the body of various toxins”, increasing resistance to infectious diseases. to improve well-being, recovery after physical activity and exposure to unfavorable conditions;
  • with an unbalanced diet, consumption of fast food and industrial products (food stabilizers, preservatives, fillers, dyes, additives of genetically modified products; containing nitrates and nitrites, pesticides; with overcooked oil; with radiation contamination and consumption of products from environmentally unfavorable places; when using low-quality water) – acts as the first barrier to toxins and begins to absorb harmful food components even at the stage of their absorption in the stomach and intestines;
  • before and after using medications to reduce the risk of side effects:
  • for food and alcohol poisoning;
  • to normalize cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent cardiovascular diseases;
  • when allergic reactions occur;
  • for rapidly spreading and persistent infections: ARVI, influenza, hepatitis B and C, oral, genital herpes and rubella - suppresses the activity of viruses; for chlamydia - in combination therapy with Ancarcin for a long time (increase the dose of Ancarcin gradually, starting with one capsule per day, gradually adding up to 5 capsules per day); to suppress the growth and removal from the body of Helicobacter pylori - the main cause of peptic ulcer; with dysbacteriosis;
  • for diseases of the internal organs of the liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas; intestines, kidneys, bladder, ENT organs, musculoskeletal system, including muscle pain and salt deposits in joints;
  • for diseases of the skin and mucous membranes: itchy dermatitis, pimples and ulcers on the body, trophic ulcers, periodontal disease;
  • for eye diseases: conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataracts, eye fatigue when working with a computer;
  • as a wound-healing powder for wounds - they will heal quickly, painlessly and without a trace;
  • during radiotherapy and after chemotherapy;
  • for older people to improve well-being, gain strength and vigor.

 The following symptoms may indicate that the body is clogged to such an extent that the liver cannot cope with the load:

  • astheno-vegetative: fatigue and weakness, increased irritability, insomnia at night and drowsiness during the day, decreased libido;
  • dyspeptic: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, a feeling of heaviness in the pit of the stomach, pain in the right hypochondrium in the evening, stool upset (constipation, periodic diarrhea), a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, hepatic breath, heartburn, belching, flatulence, lightening of the stool and darkening of urine;
  • condition of the skin and mucous membranes: itching, yellowish tint of the skin and whites of the eyes, yellow coating on the tongue, intractable acne, bleeding gums, hair loss, age spots, cellulite, “liver palms” (palmar erythema) - symmetrical patchy redness of the palms and soles, especially pronounced in the area of ​​the thumb and little finger, sometimes the flexor surfaces of the fingers. The spots turn pale when pressure is applied and quickly turn red when the pressure is removed. Xanthomas are intradermal yellow plaques located especially often on the eyelids (xanthelasmas), hands, elbows, knees, feet, buttocks, and axillary areas. The formation of spider veins on the face, shoulders and forearms, on the back. The appearance of unexplained bruises.
  • Changes in the figure: ascites (“dropsy”), varicose veins, flask-shaped swelling of the phalanges of the fingers, excess weight “age-related”, enlarged spleen, gynecomastia in men.
  • A chronic “liver” patient acquires a characteristic constitution: sloping shoulders due to impaired protein metabolism and atrophy of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, a large belly as a result of the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites), thin legs due to a decrease in muscle mass. Swelling in the legs.

Thanks to the use of HMC, the body is delicately but thoroughly cleansed. At the same time, metabolism is restored, cell nutrition is improved and the liver, kidneys and other organs are restored. A well-functioning liver is a guarantee of good functioning of the whole body. The liver cleanses the blood of toxic substances, but if too much of these substances accumulate, the liver itself becomes a victim of the toxins.

In general, long-term exposure to toxic heavy metals can have carcinogenic effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems, the circulatory system and the body as a whole.


How to use HMC tablets:

  • children from 3 to 11 years old, 1 tablet per day with meals, with plenty of water;
  • Children over 12 years old and adults: 2 tablets 2 times a day with meals, with plenty of water.

In acute conditions (acute intestinal disorders, alcohol intoxication, various forms of poisoning, etc.), it is recommended to take 4-6 tablets every 2 hours until the condition improves, after the condition improves, take according to the usual regimen.

With internal or external radiation exposure (reliably reduces the level of radionuclides in the human body by an average of 5 times within 10 days):

It is recommended to take* 6 tablets 2-3 times a day (with an average weight of 60 kg), at the rate of: 1 tablet per 10-15 kg of body weight;

Method of application of HMC in the mixture:

Preparation of the HMC drink: Take 1 level teaspoon and add to a container with 100 ml of water at room temperature, stir for 1-2 minutes. The resulting drink is odorless and tasteless. Drink in small sips. Be healthy!

Take after meals;

Warning: Do not take with other medications as this may affect their effectiveness.

The interval between taking HMC and taking medications should be at least 2 hours. When taking HMC while undergoing chemotherapy courses, check with your doctor about the time the drug acts on the tumor. This is necessary to know so that HMC does not neutralize the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy.

The minimum daily dose is:  1 g (level teaspoon) – (chitin – 700 mg, glucan – 200 mg, melanin – 100 mg) diluted in 50 ml of liquid.

The recommended daily dose is: 2 g (two level teaspoons) (chitin - 1400 mg, glucan - 400 mg, melanin - 200 mg) diluted in 50 ml of liquid. In extreme or very severe cases, the maximum daily dose can be up to 4 g (this dosage is used temporarily)

*Attention! when used: when taking pharmaceutical drugs, take HMC 3 hours before taking synthetic drugs, incl. potassium iodide, or 3 hours after administration (due to possible absorption and, as a result, a decrease in the effectiveness of their use).


The effectiveness of HMC is due to its constituent components:

Chitin, glucan, melanin, which were obtained using a unique technology for extracting structural microfibers from specially grown and selected higher fungi with a cross-section of 3-5 microns with transverse partitions (2-3 orders), where the transverse indentations are composed according to an atypical segmental pattern of 0.2 -0.3-0.6-0.9 up to 2.7 mm.

All this is achieved through a unique form of processing (grinding).

The interconnected fibers can create a fibrous structure with a highly developed multi-pore surface area.

In this way, a natural biosorbent effect is achieved, including the possibility of action at the micromolecular level (intracellular space).

The works of the great ancient doctors Hippocrates, Pliny, Dioscorides and Gapen provide a large list of medicinal mushrooms and recipes for their use to treat various diseases. For example, a mushroom such as the tinder fungus was considered until the Middle Ages as a panacea for all diseases. Centuries have passed, much has been forgotten and is now beginning to be explored anew.

Glucans – “fighters” against cancer cells

A revival of interest in tinder fungus occurred in the 50s of the last century after the discovery of pronounced anti-cancer properties. Observations of a small Austrian village, lost in a dense forest, showed that its inhabitants for centuries lived on average to 90-100 years, and there was not a single case of cancer. A dietary study showed a large share of mushrooms in the daily diet.

As a result of intensive scientific research at the National Cancer Institute in the USA substances that prevent the formation of cancer cells have been discovered in more than 200 species of fungi. The anti-cancer properties of mushrooms are due to the glucans they contain. The oncostatic effect of these biopolymers is based on their ability to correct the human immune status. High antiviral activity of fungal glucans has been discovered, including against hepatitis, influenza and human immunodeficiency viruses. Judging by numerous studies, some mushroom glucans are the most powerful natural immune modulators.

Chitin – a “vacuum cleaner” for toxins

The medical properties of the chitin biopolymer contained in mushrooms are well known. More than 100 areas of its application have been described, including its ability to suppress the growth of cancer cells. Chitin in the cell walls of the fungus is organized in the form of thin microfibrils, forming a spatial network with a huge specific surface: in 1 g of fungus, the surface area of ​​chitin microfibrils can reach 1000 sq.m. and more. This is the only natural polysaccharide containing nitrogen atoms in its molecule. Thanks to this, chitin has a unique sorption mechanism: almost all heavy metals are sorbed, including radionuclides, but light biogenic microelements (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, etc.) are not removed. Chitin perfectly binds many toxic chemical compounds and does not affect sugars and amino acids at all. Therefore, it can be considered as an almost ideal enterosorbent for cleansing the body of heavy metals, various toxins and wastes. From the blood into the gastrointestinal tract, about 10 liters of liquid enters the gastrointestinal tract per day in the form of saliva and digestive juices, which, together with the products of digestion, are again absorbed into the blood.

If a sorbent is placed in the gastrointestinal tract along the path of this drainage of the liquid fraction of blood, for example, mushroom chitin, then the body will be cleansed of various toxins. The advantage of chitin over any other sorbents is the complete absence of toxicity even with long-term use. Due to its large specific surface area, such a biosorbent works effectively even in small doses. With regular consumption of mushroom chitin, a powerful biosorbent is constantly present in the intestines, which cleanses the body.

Melanin is the “protector” of cells

Of great interest are the melanin pigments contained in mushrooms - the most powerful bioprotectors that protect living cells from adverse external and internal influences. They are also the most powerful natural antioxidants. Melanins are capable of neutralizing various free radicals that arise in a living cell under the influence of penetrating radiation, ultraviolet irradiation, various toxins and enzymes of pathogenic bacteria. Many medicinal mushrooms, primarily polypores, have a high melanin content and can reach 30% of dry weight or even more. Some fungal melanins are capable of going into solution and can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, carried by the blood throughout the body and protect living cells from the destructive effects of free radicals.

Triple strength in one preparation

So, knowing about the ability of mushrooms to inhibit the development of tumors, protect the cell from free radicals and remove toxins from the intestines, many types of mushrooms were studied in order to find the only one that contains all three components in optimal proportions that provide these effects - glucans, chitin and melanins. And finally, the choice is made. The tinder fungus is real - the HMC drug was developed on the basis of this particular tinder fungus.

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